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Mohan Bhagwat cites Ambedkar, stresses need to overcome caste, class rifts


Ahmedabad: Citing B R Ambedkar, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday said Indians need to come out of the “vicious cycle” of caste divisions to take the country forward.

Speaking at a gathering of nearly 10,000 RSS workers and others at GMDC Ground here at an event called `Samaaj Shakti Sangam’, he said despite having diverse cultures, all Indians share one DNA.

Ambedkar’s 132nd birth anniversary was celebrated on Friday.

“Ambedkar had said India was not defeated by foreigners because they were strong, but we presented our country to them on a silver platter as we used to fight among ourselves due to our differences. Otherwise no one was capable of snatching our freedom,” he said.

Citing Ambedkar’s speeches after he presented the Constitution to the nation, Bhagwat said Ambedkar had stressed that despite differences, Indians need to remain united for the sake of the country.

Ambedkar had also said that without creating a just and equal society, India can not achieve political and economic freedom, said the RSS chief.

“To achieve that, he said we need to eliminate differences from our society. We were a united society in the past. Later on, we created these castes and classes, which created differences among us,” he said.

“Now I am saying, foreign forces took advantage of that situation and widened this rift further. We have to come out of this vicious cycle and get united. Otherwise, how would we realise our dreams (of taking the country forward)”.

“While accepting and respecting all the diversity prevailing in India, we need to keep in mind that we belong to India first. Indian culture, many people call it Hindu culture or Sanatan culture…It has many names. Despite having different languages, rituals or regional identity, our DNA is ultimately the same,” the RSS chief said.

Attempts are being made to malign the country’s image and its achievements, he said, while emphasizing the need for a united, exploitation-free society which provides equality and justice.

Despite the diversity, all Indians are part of one “Indian society”, Bhagwat said.

“We at the RSS call it Hindu Samaaj. We are Hindus. Some people say that we should use the term Indians, not Hindus. But, in my opinion, both are synonymous. It is not limited to geography, it is also related to culture and ancestors,” he said.

“We must consider every Indian as our own and take them along, no matter how they look or what language they speak. That is why we need harmony, not divisions. We must not use foul language for each other, and we should stay away from any act which will hurt others’ feelings,” Bhagwat told the cadres.



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