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Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Anjali’s friend seen running away from crime spot, police find another CCTV


New Delhi: Another CCTV footage has come to the fore in Delhi’s Kanjhawala case. In this footage, Anjali’s friend Nidhi can be seen running away from the crime spot. It can be seen in the video how a girl is running alone in a deserted street. The date January 1 is also visible below with the video. And the time is shown as 2 o’clock. According to the police, this video is just 150 meters away from the spot. The video has been obtained from the CCTV footage installed near the spot, based on which the police is taking further action.

CCTV of PCR vehicle following accident car

New CCTV footage has come to the fore in Delhi’s Kanjhawala case. Due to what is seen in this footage, the vigilance of Delhi Police has once again come under the scanner. Where it can be seen in the video how the car of the five accused in the Kanjhawala case passed through, the PCR van was also seen in a short while on the same route. During this, CCTV footage has also come to the fore. It can be clearly seen in this CCTV footage that after a few minutes the police van passes through the same road from which the car of the accused is coming out.

Anjalis’s friend credibility is in question

Delhi’s Kanjhawala case has shaken the heart of the whole country including Delhi. The Central Home Ministry is directly eyeing this incident that took place on New Year’s night. New revelations are also coming out in this matter where the police informed that when the accident happened and the victim’s scooty collided with the car of the five youths, she was not alone. Her friend was also with her who had gone home in fear after the collision.

However, questions are also being raised on the credibility of this statement of Anjali’s friend Nidhi. Regarding the statement of the victim’s friend, the statement of Swati Maliwal, Chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission also came to the fore. He has raised many questions regarding the statement of Nidhi, the victim’s friend.

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