Friday, June 21, 2024

Big relief for Yogi Govt, Supreme Court stays Allahabad HC order on OBC reservation


New Delhi: In a major relief to Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government, the Supreme Court on Wednesday stayed the Allahabad High Court’s order quashing the OBC reservation in urban local body polls and allowed polls to take place without OBC reservation.

Supreme Court today stayed the decision of the Allahabad High Court regarding the OBC reservation. Significantly, on December 27 last year, the Allahabad High Court had given its verdict in this matter. Now the Supreme Court has given a big relief to the state government, where notice has been given to other parties as well, staying the decision of the High Court. The court has asked for a reply within three weeks.

High Court’s decision stayed

For your knowledge, let us tell you that the High Court gave a big blow to the Yogi government and ruled to reject the OBC list. The High Court had said that the Yogi government had not got the OBC reservation done based on the standards fixed by the Supreme Court.

Along with this, without OBC reservation, it was also ordered to conduct civic elections in the state as soon as possible. Dissatisfied with this order, the Yogi government challenged the decision of the High Court in the Supreme Court. After which today (January 4) the Supreme Court has given a big relief to the state government while giving its verdict on this matter.

Big relief amidst fast politics

Because politics was also taking place regarding this issue, the government made it clear that elections will not be conducted without reservation. At that time, CM Yogi challenged the matter in the Supreme Court while constituting a five-member team. There was a demand in the Supreme Court that this decision of the High Court should be cancelled.

Let us tell you, the Supreme Court has said to form a special committee for the work of the bodies whose tenure has been completed. The Yogi government has gotten a big relief from this decision of the Supreme Court of fast politics.

Government asked for 3 months

The UP government said in the Supreme Court during the hearing that it will complete the process of delimitation in the state in 3 months. On this, the Supreme Court said that the time of three months is too long. On this, the Yogi government said that they will have to ask the judge who has been appointed as the chairman of the commission to get this process done first.

It is worth noting that a similar process has been adopted earlier in many states of the country including Madhya Pradesh. In the Uttar Pradesh case, the Solicitor General, citing the judgment, has asked to continue the work by forming a committee of 3 members for three months.

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