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MP Global Investors’ Summit Jan 11 and 12: Indore will become the IT hub, CM


INDORE: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, said on Thursday that investors are enthusiastic and eager to invest in Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Minister made the statement while addressing media persons in Indore.

“The enthusiasm among the investors is so much that we are not even able to sleep.  Investors want to come here and invest, I have to meet them one-to-one again. Really, Madhya Pradesh’s sun of good fortune has risen.” Madhya Pradesh will now become a USD 550 billion economy and investors will play an important role in it, he added.

CM Chouhan also went to a Surya Namaskar program that was held in the city to commemorate Swami Vivekanand’s birth anniversary. He spoke to the show and said, “You must study Vivekanand’s writings to succeed in life. I have been reading about Swami Vivekanand since childhood. on the occasion of National Youth Day, January 12,  let us decide that we will not lead a normal life, we will do great work in our life.”

“Maintaining physical health is essential for producing outstanding work, and yoga plays a huge role in this. Everyone must perform the Surya Namaskar among the several pranayams because it covers practically all asana (positions). I also perform it each day “CM said. “Big things in the world are accomplished via laborious work, not by the lines of the hand. Anyone who tries succeeds. Indore became the cleanest city as it thought about cleanliness. Make a decision to proceed. Rise, awaken, and keep going till the goal is attained. I won’t stop either “said the chief minister.

“My goal is to elevate Madhya Pradesh to the top spot among all states. Therefore, let Mama, my nephew, and my niece advance our state and nation together “Chouhan tacked on.

Sanitation workers will be felicitated by Mr. Pramendra, an industrialist from America, at 2 pm. Will give $51 to 17 employees. Outside the digital exhibition where a replica of the globe remains.

Prof. Himanshu Rai IIM-I addresses the session on Education and Skill Development on Day 2

Source: NewsTrack, Free Press Journal


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