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India’s toxic alcohol batch kills 31 people


In India, dozens of people have died and several have been hospitalized after drinking toxic alcohol. Most deaths occurred in two villages in Bihar, where liquor is prohibited from being sold or consumed. The ban is in force in several Indian states, leading to a thriving black market for cheap alcohol made in backstreet distilleries that kills hundreds every year.

On Wednesday and Thursday, 3 people died on their way to the hospital, while other people died while receiving treatment. According to local media reports, 31 deaths were reported. Hospital chief Sagar Dulal Sinha said 22 post-mortem examinations had already been conducted, while senior police officer Santosh Kumar told AFP that authorities had cracked down on illicit alcohol stores in the region. ‘We’ve arrested more than a dozen liquor traders and detained others,’ Kumar said.

In July, 42 people died in the western state of Gujarat after drinking bootleg booze. 

In Punjab, about 100 people died after drinking bootleg booze last year, and Aug 2020 

According to officials in Punjab in northern India, 86 people have died from drinking illegally-made alcohol.

Feb. 23, 2019, According to Dr. Saurabh Borkotoki, the medical superintendent at Jorhat Medical College and Hospital, more than 200 people had been admitted with stomach pain, vision loss, and vomiting by midday on Saturday. As of now, 40 of those admitted have died from cardiorespiratory failure.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states reported more than 170 deaths in 2008 from illegal liquor consumption.

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