Friday, June 14, 2024

India successfully conducted most historic missile test, whole China is in range of Agni-5


New Delhi: India has successfully conducted the most historic missile test ever. India had been preparing for this test for many days, due to which the Chinese spy ship was also continuously circling the Indian Ocean to spy on this test, but a few days back Indian Navy who closely monitoring that movement was confirmed that Chinese spy ship gone far away from Indian Ocean.

In a major achievement amid tensions with China, India successfully test-fired the most powerful Agni-5 nuclear-capable ballistic missile capable of hitting targets with a range of more than 5,000 km in the night. For the first time, the missile was fired at its full range. The test was conducted at the Abdul Kalam Test Centre on the Balasore coast of Odisha.

This achievement of India is also big because in the range of this missile, not only the whole of China, but also half of Australia, North Korea, a large part of Russia, the eastern part of Europe, the entire Middle East, African countries, and the entire Indian Ocean region comes.

According to defence sources, “Test was conducted to try out new technologies and equipment on the missile, which is already lighter. The test has proved the capability of extending the range of Agni-V missile if required. The missile has been jointly developed by DRDO and Bharat Dynamics Limited. The firepower of the new missile is from 5 thousand to 8 thousand km. The height of Agni-5 is 17 metres. The 50-tonne missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of up to 1.5 tonnes. Agni-5 can compete with 24 times the speed of sound.


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