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ALERT! Bill Gates’ agenda 2023 is followed by the start of a special foundation course for ISS, IES officer trainees begin at Dr. MCR HRD Institute 


A few days back Bill Gates warns white-collar workers that AI is on its way

“Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a significant impact on both white-collar and blue-collar jobs in the future observed.”

Former Chief Secretary of Telangana and advisor to government (Irrigation) SK Joshi inaugurated the special foundation course-2023 for 86 Indian Statistical Services (ISS) officers and 26 Indian Economic Services (IES) officers, at Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad on Wednesday. The officer trainees represent 13 states from across the country. 

SK Joshi (1984) retired as the Chief Secretary of Telangana

Joshi in his inaugural address stated that the ISS and IES officers will have great opportunities to contribute in the contemporary scenario, which is characterized by Artificial Intelligence, communicable epidemics, and Climate Change. He called upon the officer trainees to be ever-vigilant and ever-ready to grapple with such disruptive changes. 

Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a significant impact on both white-collar and blue-collar jobs in the future, Joshi observed. “While Artificial Intelligence could displace some jobs in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, etc, it has great potential to create newer jobs in multiple sectors, including data analysis and software development, and will also increase productivity and quality of life,” he added. 

He called upon the ISS and IES officers to learn and perfect the art of implementing global best practices in order to ensure that data is accurate, complete, and consistent, which is a pre-requisite for taking informed decisions and maintaining the trust of all stakeholders. 

DG of the Institute and Principal Secretary Benhur Mahesh Dutt Ekka said ISS and IES officers provide important inputs relating to numerous aspects of economy to different wings of the government and thereby help them in enriching the quality of their governance. 

“The role of ISS and IES has assumed greater importance considering the ever-increasing commitment of the government to liberalization, privatization, and globalization,” Ekka stated and added that the contribution of Hyderabad in the domains of Information & Communication Technology, bio-tech, etc has been increasing at a mind-boggling pace. “An interaction of the ISS and IES officers with the officers from these domains will be greatly instrumental in understanding the newer applications of the concepts of statistics and economics in different sunrise sectors of the economy,” he added. 

ADG of the Institute and Principal Secretary Anita Rajendra said the percentage of female officer trainees, who are attending the foundation course, is about 50 percent. “It is a healthy trend and female aspirants for different competitive examinations should put their best foot forward and take a lion’s share in different services,” she said. 

Retired IFS officer K. Tirupataih, Chief Consultant, Training, welcomed the gathering while Madhavi Ravulapati, Course Director spoke about the FC and Abhishek Kumar, Technical Advisor at the Institute conducted proceedings of the event. 

Source: Economictimes


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