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AAP launches ‘Degree Dikhao Campaign’, party leaders to share academic qualifications every day


New Delhi: The AAP on Sunday launched the “Degree Dikhao Campaign” under which party leaders will share with the public their educational qualifications every day.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, and his party have launched a fresh attack on the issue since Gujarat High Court recently quashed a seven-year-old order of the Central Information Commission that had asked the Gujarat University to provide information on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree to the AAP chief.

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on Kejriwal, who had sought information on the prime minister’s academic qualifications under the Right to Information Act.

The campaign kicked off with senior party leader and Delhi Education Minister Atishi presenting her undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi and two master’s degrees from the University of Oxford at a press conference.

While displaying her degrees to the media, Atishi said, “From today onwards, every day an AAP leader will present his/her degree in front of the country.

“I am starting this by sharing my three degrees. BA (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of Delhi, a Master of Arts from the University of Oxford and another Master of Science from the University of Oxford.” She also appealed to all political leaders in the country to come forward and show their degrees to the public so that citizens can become aware of the educational qualifications of those who are taking decisions for them and the country.

She also appealed to leaders in the BJP and said that if their leaders and senior politicians have degrees, they should present those before the country.

Atishi said, “Whenever we study in a college or university and reach a prestigious or constitutional position, it not only reflects on the college or university but also fills the students of that time with pride that someone among us has achieved such a high position. It also motivates other students.” Atishi said if the country’s prime minister has obtained a degree in ‘Entire Political Science’ from the Gujarat University, then why is the varsity going to court to avoid disclosing it.

“Gujarat University should be proud that their student has become the prime minister of the country,” she added.



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