Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Shocking! Skull and body parts of model found from soup pot; two arrested


Hong Kong: Shocking news of the famous model Abby Choi’s murder has sent shock waves across Hong Kong. According to the police, Abby’s dismembered body parts were found in a locked house in Hong Kong. The body parts were found in a refrigerator in the house.

Partial remains, including a skull and ribs, were discovered in the fridge and a soup pot. It is believed that the head was boiled until only the skull remained and that the other human meat portions were also found in the soup pot. A forensic examination revealed a hole at the back of the skull, which could be evidence of a fatal attack. It is believed that Abby was attacked on her way home in her car.

Four people have been accused in the case, including Abby’s ex-husband and his family. They are allegedly involved in a property-related dispute. Abby went missing on February 21.

The police had found a pair of female legs, identity cards, and credit cards from the fridge of a house rented by her ex-father-in-law in the Taipei district last Friday. The investigation led them to the locked house in Hong Kong, where Abby’s other body parts were discovered.

The case has shocked the nation, and people are demanding justice for Abby. The police are investigating the case and are determined to bring the culprits to justice. The murder of Abby Choi has raised serious concerns about the safety of women in Hong Kong.

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