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 OVO vaccine is now available for in ovo administration Globally – although availability varies from country to country – Pfizer Global Poultry.


In ovo vaccines

A wide range of vaccines against common poultry diseases is now available for in ovo administration globally – although availability varies from country to country. Recent developments from Pfizer Global Poultry include the first antigen-antibody complex vaccine (Bursaplex) for in ovo use against infectious bursal disease (IBD), and a live oocyst vaccine for coccidiosis (Inovocox EM1).

Through the use of recombinant DNA techniques, the number of poultry diseases that can be protected against using the in ovo route is likely to increase significantly over the next few years. Many such vaccines are currently in development at Pfizer Global Poultry.

The first commercial in the ovo vaccination system was launched by Zoetis Animal Health Global Poultry (formerly Embrex) in 1992. Since that time, Zoetis Global Poultry has maintained its position as the premier provider of in ovo vaccination technology.

In ovo vaccination has a number of biological and commercial advantages over subcutaneous vaccination on the day of hatch:

  • Immunity against disease is generated as early as possible and with minimal interference from maternally derived antibodies;
  • A vaccine is delivered reliably and accurately every time in carefully controlled, hygienic conditions;
  • The process is less labor intensive and less prone to human error than traditional subcutaneous vaccination methods;
  • Chick handling is minimized, reducing bird stress and improving bird health;
  • Birds can be transferred out of the hatchery more quickly and placed into the grow-out environment sooner.

Together, these advantages promote flock health, performance, and more efficient production.

Watch video time 1:04 – Vaccination is given to eggs at the right Location

IndiaMART sells veterinary-vaccines

Diagnostics and vaccination channels significantly improved in Uganda.

About A.L.P.H.A.

The A.L.P.H.A. initiative, co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2017, was first launched in Uganda and Nigeria, followed by Ethiopia in 2018 and Tanzania in 2019. 

This initiative aimed at advancing livestock health and productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa through increased availability of veterinary medicines and services and implementation of disease diagnostics infrastructure. To ensure the long-term sustainability of this initiative, Zoetis has developed veterinary laboratory networks and outreach services into local economic hubs in partnership with veterinary associations, local food chain players, and governmental institutions.

Zoetis CSO speaks about his first-hand experiences in Uganda since the launch of their A.L.P.H.A Initiative.

Speaking to The Poultry Site, Zoetis CSO Mike McFarland talks about his visit to Uganda to witness the long-term impact of the A.L.P.H.A Initiative on its 5th Anniversary. 

Foundation for enhanced veterinary care

“We have seen first-hand the impacts of improving animal health in Sub-Saharan Africa and partnering with local institutions to develop veterinary education and sustainable livestock productivity solutions,” said Mike McFarland, DVM and Chief Medical Officer at Zoetis. “Looking ahead, we are taking steps to ensure we can continue to support veterinary education and training and build the infrastructure needed to help veterinarians and farmers continue to improve the health and productivity of their livestock and livelihoods.”

“The A.L.P.H.A. initiative has helped veterinarians enhance their technical knowledge while supporting farmers to improve productivity and make the sector more sustainable. Farmers in the region now embrace better farming practices and are improving their profitability, income, and quality of life,” said Olutoyin Catherine Adetuberu, DVM, President of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA), who presented her experience on the impacts of the initiative in Nigeria at the anniversary event in Brussels.

Source: www.thepoultrysite.com, YouTube


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