Saturday, January 28, 2023

Netherlands: CT scan of Monk’s body in the statue surprises researchers


Amsterdam: A CT scan is used to find the anomalies in a human body, however, researchers in the Netherlands were astonished to find the report of a statue in which they found the mortal remains of a human body and the body was of a monk.

A monk was seen mummified in the statue of Buddha. It is a thousand years old. The monk was discovered inside when the statue was repaired and sent to the Drenthes Museum in the Netherlands. At that time a CT scan of the statue was taken. The scientific world was surprised when it saw its results. Human remains inside the statue!

The researchers discovered that the monk’s organs had been removed and replaced with sheets of paper with Chinese inscriptions. ‘We thought that the lung tissue would be dissolved in it. But instead, we found small pieces of paper with Chinese letters written on them,’ said Vincent van Willsteren, curator of archaeology at the Drenthes Museum.

The statue is believed to contain the body of Liuquan, a Buddhist master of a Chinese meditation school. He was a monk who lived about a thousand years ago.

The later doubt was as to why the monk’s body was placed in the Buddha statue. Perhaps Liuquan sat on the statue himself to become a living Buddha.

Similarly, they also opined that grains or something else must have been eaten to reduce body weight. Another theory was that Liuquan may have put a bamboo stalk outside to breathe after being inside the statue alive.

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