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Breaking News: Governor DeSantis signs ban on central bank digital currency


Governor Ron DeSantis signs legislation to ban a federally adopted central bank digital currency.

DeSantis was joined by Commissioner Wilton Simpson and President Kathleen Passidomo at Southwest Florida Public Service Academy at Fort Myers Technical College.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced comprehensive legislation to protect Floridians from the Biden administration’s weaponization of the financial sector through a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

The legislative proposal protects consumers and businesses from a federally controlled CBDC by:

The legislative proposal protects consumers and businesses from a federally controlled CBDC by:

  • Expressly prohibiting the use of a federally adopted Central Bank Digital Currency as money within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).
  • Instituting protections against a central global currency by prohibiting any CBDC issued by a foreign reserve or foreign-sanctioned central bank.
  • Calling on like-minded states to join Florida in adopting similar prohibitions within their respective Commercial Codes to fight back against this concept nationwide.

WATCH | Governor Ron DeSantis signs ban on Central Bank Digital Currency

Governor Ron DeSantis unveils his Framework for Freedom budget for fiscal year 2023-24

Source:Fox4now, Forbes

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A legislative proposal from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would prohibit using a national central bank digital currency (CBDC) as money within his state. This comes as the Biden administration is studying the possibility of introducing a CBDC. “The Hash” panel weighs in on an issue that is likely to get more prominence as the next U.S. presidential election starts to heat up.


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