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Bill Gates Predicts Hung’s Election and Civil War in America and How would Bill Gates know?


Did depopulation advocate Bill Gates suddenly become a political analyst?

In addition to being a so-called ‘vaccine expert,’ Gates apparently knows the ins and outs of American politics.

Gates made ominous political predictions during the keynote conversation at this year’s Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy.

He predicted America would see a civil war.

How would Bill Gates know?

But Gates is still worried about domestic polarization in the U.S., which he sees little hope for in the short term. “I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end, we’re going to have a hung election and a civil war,” he said. “I have no expertise in that, I’m not going to divert my money to that because I wouldn’t know how to spend it.”

Still, he’s open to ideas: “People seek simple solutions [and] the truth is kind of boring sometimes. Anybody who’s got good innovations on reducing polarization, getting the truth to be as interesting as the crazy stuff, that would be well worth investing in.”

He also spoke about the foundation’s work on Gene Therapy to cure sickle cell disease—which afflicts roughly 100,000 Americans—through a single, $2,000 shot. With the same technology, the foundation is planning on a similar cure for HIV, which Gates expects will take up to a decade to develop. Altogether, the foundation has committed about $600 million to those efforts.

Gates expects the foundation will remain squarely focused on healthcare and eradicating disease, even if he’s been asked to move into other areas of philanthropy. “We have a great team of people and we’re not really adding new causes,” he said. “People thought, ‘Oh, well now you should do all these other things.‘ No, we’re just going to do what we do with more depth, more malaria, HIV, measles, polio eradication.”

From Forbes:

Still, he’s open to ideas: “People seek simple solutions [and] the truth is kind of boring sometimes. Anybody who’s got good innovations on reducing polarization, getting the truth to be as interesting as the crazy stuff, that would be well worth investing in.”

Business Insider noted:

Gates’ summer reading list for this year, which he announced in June, includes “Why We’re Polarized” by Ezra Klein.
“I’m generally optimistic about the future, but one thing that dampens my outlook a bit is the increasing polarization in America, especially when it comes to politics,” Gates wrote at the time in a blog post about his book picks.

Gates also addressed mistrust in him during the conversation.

“The polarization and lack of trust is a problem,” Gates said.

“One of the best-selling books last year was a book by Robert Kennedy, saying that I like to make money and kill millions of people with vaccines. It’s wild that [that] sells well.”

There is no “solution for misinformation and conspiracy theories,”  argued Gates while lamenting how “people approach him on the street to yell at him and accuse him of tracking people with microchips.”

COVID-related conspiracy theories appear to be dying down, he added.

“I have a group that tracks what’s on the web that’s talking about things that connect to me,” Gates said.

“Overwhelmingly during the pandemic, 95% was all the conspiracy theory stuff. It is calming down now.”

Bill Gates Reveals The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Aims To Run For Just 25 More Years

In a wide-ranging discussion at the 2022 Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit, Gates spoke about his plans to give billions of dollars to the foundation in the coming years and how he’s optimistic about global efforts to eradicate disease and reduce carbon emissions.

The announcement came just two months after Gates made a record-setting $20 billion gift to the foundation—one of the largest donations in the history of philanthropy, which Forbes covered in an exclusive interview in July. He also committed to giving another $20 billion “at some point a few years from now” and continue giving until he’s dropped off the billionaires’ list.

In 25 years’ time, Gates will be 91, while Melinda—if she’s still involved in the foundation by then—will be 83. That means it will be up to the next generation of philanthropic billionaires to build on the foundation’s work.

Here are a few reasons why many people don’t trust creepy Bill Gates:

Source: We Love Trump, Forbes


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