Saturday, July 20, 2024

Kerala woman dies after consuming Biriyani dish ‘Kuzhimanthi’


Kasaragod (Kerala): A young woman died after consuming ‘Kuzhimanthi, a popular Biriyani non-vegetarian dish. According to officials, it is a suspected case of food poisoning. Anjushree Parvathi died in Kasaragod Talaklai. She was admitted to a hospital in Mangaluru following feeling physical discomfort after eating the dish.

Anjushree Parvathy is a student at a private institute in Mangalore. Anjushree, who came home for the Christmas-New Year holidays, bought ‘Kuzhimanthi’ online on New Year’s Day. All those who ate at home with their families had physical discomfort. She was first admitted to Kasaragod Hospital but was shifted to Mangaluru hospital as her condition deteriorated.

She was shifted to a private hospital in Mangaluru due to his serious condition. He died here on Saturday morning. This is the second death in the month in Kerala following food poisoning.

Deaths due to food poisoning, especially eating non-vegetarian dishes are increasing in the state recently. Last year, more than a dozen students died after consuming shawarma, another West-Asian delicacy.

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