Thursday, June 13, 2024

Youth commits suicide after 49 days jailed for crime he didn’t commit


Thiruvananthapuram: A youth committed suicide in Kerala after calling the police station and informing them that they are responsible for his death. The victim is identified as Amaljit (28), a native of Venganur. The youth told the police that he was tortured by the Idukki Thodupuzha police in a fake case.

Amaljit’s allegation was that he was imprisoned for 49 days and 17 days in a mental health centre for a crime he did not commit. The policeman on the phone tried to stop the young man who said he was going to commit suicide but was not successful.

After hanging up on the phone call, the young man said that he would die after sending the recording to everyone. Though the police set in search of the man, he had hanged himself before the police found him.

He accused the first husband of his wife assaulting his wife when she was pregnant. He tried to stop it. But Amaljit alleged that the Thodupuzha Circle Inspector had registered a case against him only in this incident.

The young man also said that his phone call should be recorded as a death note. The police have started an investigation into Amaljit’s allegations and the case.

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