Monday, July 22, 2024

Shocking! Just bow your head in shame before reading this news of woman molestation


Banda (Uttar Pradesh): A horrific incident of woman molestation has come to light from Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh. The incident is from Banda where a woman’s respect was openly challenged and molested by a miscreant. The video of the incident is now going viral on social media after which the police have registered a case.

The incident is from Banda district of Uttar Pradesh from where this shocking news has come to the fore. A woman was molested at a petrol pump in Naraini town, the incident took place when the woman’s father was standing at the petrol pump to fill fuel in his bike, woman and her child were sitting back to him. A man standing nearby came to the woman and started pressing her private parts. Entire incident was captured in the CCTV installed nearby.

Hearing the screams of the daughter, the father lost consciousness then the accused fled away from there. During this incident, people present at the petrol pump remained spectators.

Nitin Kumar DSP of Naraini Circle.

Surprisingly, miscreant molested the woman at a place where people keep coming and going. After the video went viral, all women are now looking very upset and worried. Here the police have arrested the accused on the complaint of the victim’s family. The viral video is said to be three days old.

After the incident, the father and daughter informed the police. Police took out CCTV footage of the petrol pump incident, after seeing which everyone was stunned. Everyone is shocked and upset to see this audacity of the miscreant in front of the camera in broad daylight in a public place.

The statement of the police has also come out in this whole matter. Nitin Kumar, DSP officer of Naraini Circle, says that the miscreant has been arrested. He is under interrogation. Action will be taken against the accused under the molestation and Gunda act.

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