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Pet dogs have to be respected in Noida, otherwise go to jail


Noida: If you live in Noida then you have to learn to respect pet dogs or cats. If any person is found insulting or assaulting them, then strict action can be taken against them, and they may also have to go to jail. Noida Authority has issued a new pet policy in which these things are mentioned. According to the new pet policy of Noida Authority, now the dog and cat will be registered. 500 has been kept by the Noida Authority for the registration fee.

Strict action will be taken against anyone who attacks any pet dog or cat in Noida. Pet dog and cat beating will go to jail. This decision has been taken by the Noida Authority. Noida Authority has implemented a new pet policy. According to this, now pets like dogs or cats have to be respected. If any person is found fighting with them, then legal action will be taken against him. Apart from this, a heavy fine will also have to be paid.

According to the pet policy of Noida Authority, now the dog and cat will be registered. The registration fee has been kept by the Noida Authority at Rs 500, that is, the dog and cat owner will have to pay Rs 500 per year to the Noida Authority for registration. Apart from this, registration renewal will also have to be done every year in the month of April, for this Rs 500 will have to be deposited in Noida Authority’s account every year.

According to the policy, if any owner leaves his pet dog unattended then action will be taken against him as well. Here too the dog must be respected. If you are fond of keeping dogs, then you must take full care of them. Do not have to fight with him. If you fight, you may go to jail. This is also written in the new policy.

If a person leaves his pet loose on a road, street, locality, housing society, or village, he will be fined. 100 for the first time, 200 for the second time, and 500 for the third time. Even after this, if the pet is left free then legal action will be taken.

Registration can be done on the pet registration app of the authority till January 31, 2030 by paying Rs 500. No penalty will have to be paid during this time. Registration will be done from February 1, 2023 to February 28 with a penalty of Rs 200. This means during this time the dog or cat can be registered by paying 700 rupees.


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