Saturday, May 25, 2024

People who attacked me one day they will apologize to the country: Anil Antony


New Delhi: Senior Congress leader’s son and former KPCC Digital Media Cell Convener Anil Antony said that there will come a time when those who surrounded and attacked him will have to apologize to the country. These are the people who, along with a separatist media organization (BBC), are working against India’s interests and trying to weaken the country. Anil said that they will have to apologize to the Indian people if yesterday or tomorrow.

The move against him in the BBC matter was deliberate, but the individuals behind it were not named. Those opposed to the BBC documentary tried to weaken India.  Stating that he will not join the BJP, Anil told Asianet News that such campaigning is absurd. It is difficult to work in Congress in today’s situation. I don’t want to join any other political party. Prime Ministers come and go, but the country is eternal. There is no other politics above national interest. National interest is paramount. He is ready to stand with anyone including the Prime Minister for the sake of the country.

Anil also reacted to the Congress considering Shashi Tharoor for the post of Chief Minister in Kerala. Shashi Tharoor is eligible to become Congress’ chief ministerial candidate in Kerala in 2026 and is worthy of him. But he is disappointed with the party’s attitude towards Tharoor. Earlier, while announcing the contest for the post of Congress National President, some people were displeased that he had declared his support for Shashi Tharoor. That too has led to controversy.

Earlier, Anil Antony’s tweet against the BBC and the documentary “India- The Modi Question” which referred to the Gujarat riots and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a big debate. While the Congress and Rahul Gandhi are supporting the BBC documentary criticizing Narendra Modi in the Gujarat riots, the son of senior leader AK Antony came out criticizing it.

Anil Antony tweeted that it is dangerous for Indians to prioritize the views of the BBC over Indian institutions. Later, Congress leaders rejected Anil. Anil Anthony resigned from the post of digital media cell convener after the BJP discussed the remark at the national level as well.

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