Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Nitin Gadkari: Indian roads will match to US standards by end of 2024


New Delhi: Road infrastructure will be equivalent to USA standards before the end of 2024, said Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari. Addressing the 95th FICCI Annual convention minister said, ‘We are making world standard roads infrastructure in the country and promising you that before the end of 2024, our roads will be equal to the American standards.’

Addressing the issue of logistics cost he said that it is an effort to take up to 9 percent by the end of 2024. ‘Our logistics cost is a big problem. Presently, it comes to 16 percent, but I am promising you that up to the end of 24, we will take it to the single digit, up to 9 percent,’ he added. Minister said that we are trying to minimize the use of steel in construction work by adopting substitutes, talking about the construction industry which consumes 40 percent of Global resources.

He said, ‘We know that the construction industry not only contributes significantly to environmental pollution but also conserves 40 percent of Global materials and resources. We focus on reducing the cost of resources and improving the quality of construction. As we are aware that cement and steel are the major components for construction, so we are trying to minimize the use of steel in construction work by trying to adopt substitutes.’

Stressing the fact that India is in an excellent position to shape itself as an energy exporter, the minister said that in near future, green hydrogen will be a source of energy.

‘Green hydrogen is the fuel for the future. India is in an excellent position to shape itself as an energy exporter and this can only be possible due to the potential of green hydrogen in India. In near future, green hydrogen will be a source of energy in the aviation, railway, road transport, chemical, and fertilizer industries. India’s potential to become a global manufacturing hub and exporter of green hydrogen in near future. Sustainability is also increasingly recognized as an important part of the construction industry,’ he said.

He further highlighted India’s role in achieving sustainable development goals. ‘Being one of the fastest growing countries globally, India plays a key role in achieving the Sustainable development goals agenda 2030. According to UNGC, UN Global Compact, 50 percent of the delivery of global goals is expected to come from the progress made in India. Hence, all of us play a very crucial role in creating a platform for sustainable growth,’ said Gadkari.

Talking about Electric mobility, Mr. Gadkari said that India should be the leader in this sector and our focus is to save these automobiles run on alternative fuels. ‘Electric mobility will be the most effective transport system by 2030. A couple of days back one of the Canadian Companies had come to me to show how we can get Cobalt and Manganese from Mining in the ocean waters. They showed me the same mining material and they claimed that it will reduce the cost of batteries if we can use it as the source of cobalt. A lot of research is happening globally about batteries. We should be the leaders in this sector,’ he said.

‘Today our automobile industry is of Rs 7.5 Lakh crores and we want to take it up to 15 lakh crores. This will create a lot of new jobs and will make India one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. Our focus is to save these automobiles that run on alternative fuels. Recently, launched a flex-fueled car, which can run on 100 percent bioethanol and 40 percent of electricity. These alternative fuel solutions will create business opportunities for our country,’ the Minister added.



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