Friday, June 14, 2024

Binoy Viswam writes to President Murmu against renaming of Mughal Gardens


New Delhi: After the renaming of ‘Mughal Gardens’ to ‘Amrit Udyan’ Communist Party of India (CPI) Rajya Sabha MP and Party National Secretary Binoy Viswam has written to President Draupadi Murmu against the renaming.

In his letter, the communist leader termed the union government’s recent move as ‘arbitrary and unfortunate.’

According to Binoy Viswam, the move aimed at erasing the relevance of the Mughal period from the history of India.

Though Mughal administrators have done both good and harm to the land through their deeds, the attempt of union government can be seen as a move to change history, he noted.

He slammed the attempt and highlighted the Mughal administration was part and parcel of New Delhi’s history. He also urged the president to review the move and deliberate the matter with historians, intellectuals and prominent academicians.

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