Monday, April 15, 2024

NASA releases crucial evidence of presence of water on Mars


New Delhi: NASA’s Curiosity Rover has discovered the strongest proof that water flowed on Mars billions of years ago.

As per NASA’s findings, the presence of wave-like formations in the rocks on the Martian surface is a result of the flow of water.

The formation is said to have occurred due to the movement of water in an ancient lake, causing some minerals to detach from the rocks.

Ashwin Vasavada of NASA considers this a significant event in the investigation of water exists on Mars. He is a crucial member of NASA’s Mars Science Lab (MSL) exploration and has been awarded NASA’s Exceptional Achievement Medal in 2013.

Born in Tamil Nadu, India, Vasavada was part of the Galileo mission to Jupiter and the Cassini mission to Saturn.

Additionally, Curiosity has uncovered evidence of past sandstorms on Mars, indicating that the planet’s climate was quite intricate.

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