Sunday, December 10, 2023

Father commits suicide after being stripped and humiliated his minor daughter


Kollam (Kerala): In a tragic incident, a Kollam native man committed suicide after being stripped and humiliated by a group of drunkards for questioning the harassment incident on his minor daughter. He was attacked by a gang of alcoholics for questioning him for speaking ill of his daughter. Soon after, Ajaya Kumar committed suicide.

The incident happened when Ajaya Kumar was coming after tuition on a bike along with his daughter, who is a plus-one student. At this time four people were drinking together. They spoke badly to their daughter.

After dropping his daughter home, he went back and questioned the same. Ajaya Kumar had to face brutal beating for this. It is reported that he was beaten all over his body and his clothes were stripped.

After the incident, Kumar reached home and was sleeping in the room. His wife Deepti says that he did not even come out to eat. He went out around 6:30 pm on that day. He is later seen hanging from a tree in a nearby field.

Postmortem and funeral rites were completed the other day following which his family lodged a complaint with the police today.

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