Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bodies of victims of train coach fire taken to UP


Chennai: Nine bodies of victims of the fire accident in a stationary train compartment in Madurai railway yard have been taken to Lucknow by air, airport officials said here on Sunday.

While five bodies were sent through a direct flight to Lucknow from here, four were dispatched in another flight to the Uttar Pradesh capital city via Bengaluru, they said.

In the direct flight, 14 passengers, relatives of the blaze accident victims, and four railway police personnel travelled.

Nine persons were killed and eight others were injured in the fire accident on August 26 at the Madurai railway yard.

Illegal storage and use of a cooking gas cylinder allegedly led to the accident and government railway police booked a case and a probe is on. The passengers of the private coach were on a pilgrimage to southern parts of the country and a tour operator had hired a private party coach from the railways.



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