Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Congress manifesto promises probe into demonetisation, Rafale deal, electoral bonds scheme


New Delhi: Alleging that the BJP has turned out to be a “giant washing machine”, the Congress on Friday vowed that the allegations against those who had cases registered against them but were allowed to escape the law after they joined the BJP would be “revived and investigated”.

In its manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls, the Congress said that if it comes to power, it will probe demonetisation, the Rafale deal, Pegasus spyware usage, and the electoral bonds scheme and bring those who made “illegal gains” through these measures to justice.

The party alleged that in the last 10 years, several measures taken by the BJP-led NDA government were a “cloak for corruption”.

“Some examples are demonetisation, the Rafale deal, Pegasus spyware, and the electoral bonds scheme. Congress will probe these dubious deals and schemes and bring to law those who made illegal gains through these measures,” the manifesto stated.

Claiming that known offenders were allowed to leave the country in the last 10 years, the Congress said the NDA government is perceived to have facilitated their escape and has not been able to bring back any of the “scamsters”.

“The circumstances under which they were allowed to leave the country will be probed and all scamsters and their accomplices will be brought before the law,” the party said.

“The BJP has turned out to be a giant washing machine. Accused in registered cases who joined the BJP were allowed to escape the law. The allegations against such persons will be revived and investigated,” the manifesto said.


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