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Cong cites OBC Mahasabha’s ‘notice to Nadda’ to slam BJP


New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday attacked the BJP over an OBC Mahasabha reportedly hitting out at the saffron party for “dragging” OBCs in the row over Rahul Gandhi’s 2019 remarks, saying the ruling party has been shown the mirror.

Several BJP leaders, including party chief JP Nadda, have accused Gandhi of insulting Other Backward Classes (OBCs) with his remark for which he has been convicted by a Surat court.

Gandhi (52) was disqualified from the Lok Sabha last month after he was convicted by a court in Gujarat’s Surat in a 2019 defamation case.

The court in Surat sentenced Gandhi to two years in jail in the case, filed on a complaint by BJP MLA Purnesh Modi for his remark, “How come to all thieves have Modi as the common surname?”

On Twitter, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh tagged a media report which said that the national core committee of the OBC Mahasabha in Gwalior has issued a legal notice to BJP president JP Nadda in which it has been claimed that he “insulted” the OBC community on the issue of Rahul Gandhi and he should apologise.

The media report said that referring to a tweet of Nadda in which he had accused Gandhi of insulting OBCs with his 2019 remark, the OBC Mahasabha has argued that Modi surname is nowhere registered as OBC and that they should not be dragged in the controversy.

In a tweet in Hindi, Ramesh said, “The OBC Mahasabha has shown the mirror to BJP and JP Nadda and told them who insulted the OBC community and who should apologise.”

“It is expected that BJP will apologize soon on the demand of OBC Mahasabha,” he said.



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