Friday, June 14, 2024

US to shoot 150 orphan cows to save environment


Washington: The US authorities have approved a plan to shoot 150 stray cows in the Gila region of New Mexico. The plan is to carry out the hunt in four days using a helicopter.

The Gila region is an area of ​​great ecological importance with mountains, ravines, and pastures. The main complaint that has been raised is that stray cows are grazing in large quantities in the region and are disrupting the ecological balance.

Feral hogs and foxes have already been shot by helicopter in the western US region. But this is the first time that this method has been used to hunt cattle. The high-pitched noise of flying helicopters can cause cows to run. Due to this, shooters have to shoot a lot. Some cows may take days to die after being shot.

Meanwhile, there has been a strong protest this. Protesters say the killing of cows in helicopter aerial poaching is cruel and inefficient.

Protesters also say that this will be an injustice to the cattle industry, which is reeling due to the price hike. Loren Patterson, president of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, says that what is needed is a long-term solution, not such a measure. The organization is planning to take legal action against the planned cow poaching.

There are more than 5.5 lakh acres of forest land in the Gila region. Due to its ecological importance, no vehicles including bicycles are allowed in this area. But fishing, hunting, and mining are allowed with permits.

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