Wednesday, March 29, 2023

20 ISIS terrorists disappear after earthquake damages Syrian Jail


Damascus: ISIS terrorists have escaped from prison in Syria. About 20 prisoners managed to escape from prison after the devastating earthquake in north-western Syria.

A prison where about 2,000 people are kept, most of whom are suspected of being members of the ISIS terrorist group.

The powerful earthquake that struck Syria allowed 20 dangerous and violent ISIS prisoners to escape.

The earthquake also caused significant damage to prisons in the country, including the military police prison in Rajo near the Turkish border, which housed around 2,000 inmates, including 1,300 suspected ISIS fighters.

As buildings in Rajo collapsed quickly during the earthquake, the prisoners took advantage of the situation and fled while officials were occupied with the emergency response.

Rajo was previously known for its jihadist activity, and in December of last year, ISIS terrorists attempted to free their fellow militants who were being held in the town’s prison.

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