Tuesday, May 21, 2024

UP: Close aide of Mafia Atiq Ahmed arrested after encounter in Banda


Banda (Uttar Pradesh): In the Umesh Pal murder case, UP police has encountered one more criminal. This encounter took place between the SOG team of Banda Police and the miscreant when he was seen roaming around the bypass road.

An encounter took place between 45-year-old Wahid and SOG. He is a resident of Mardan Naka close to Mafia Atiq Ahmed, along with the police near Triveni bypass of Mataundh police station area. Seeing the police, he fired from the pistol. In response, the police also fired. Then Wahid fell on the ground after being shot in both legs.

After encounter police arrested and admitted him to the district hospital.

“Information was received from the informer that he was seen near Bhuragarh. Apart from being an associate of a notorious criminal mafia don Atiq, he is also the uncle of Arbaaz of the gang.” told Superintendent of Police.

Wahid has been helping Mafia gang shooter Guddu Muslim even when he was in Banda Jail. A reward of 50 thousand was also declared on the injured Wahid.

Three cases have been registered against him in the city police station, including murder and demanding extortion. His criminal history is being probed by other police stations as well.

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