Friday, June 14, 2024

Shocking! Land collapse in Delhi; dog and bikes fall into crater


New Delhi: In an unexpected incident that was captured in CCTV footage, a roadside land collapsed in the RK Puram area of national capital causing a dog and two bikes parked nearby to fall into a deep crater. The incident occurred around 12:24 pm on Saturday, and thankfully there were no human casualties.

Footage of the accident was shared on Twitter by news agency ANI, which showed two bikes parked on the narrow road, and a sleeping dog nearby. Suddenly, the road gave way, causing the bikes and the dog to fall into the large hole that had opened up. The video quickly went viral on social media, with many people criticizing the poor condition of the city’s roads, which are often riddled with potholes.

Road collapses due to heavy rains or poor maintenance have become a common occurrence in many parts of India. Such incidents can lead to loss of life and property, and highlight the urgent need for better infrastructure and maintenance in the country’s cities.

While no humans were harmed in this particular incident, the footage serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by India’s poorly maintained roads, and the urgent need for authorities to take action to improve the safety of the country’s citizens.


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