Friday, April 19, 2024

PM Modi ‘dance’ with Korean Embassy ‘Natu Natu’ song


New Delhi: The Korean Embassy in India has recently shared a video clip of Korean Ambassador Chang Jae-bok and embassy staff dancing to the popular Indian song “Natu Natu” from the upcoming movie RRR. The 53-second clip shows Korean boys and girls dancing to the song at different locations, performing the same steps as actors NTR and Ram Charan in the song.

The video, which was posted on Twitter by the Korean Embassy in India, has received an overwhelming response from users across social media platforms. The post has accumulated a flood of comments, likes, and retweets, with users expressing their reaction to Koreans grooving to a typical Indian song.

Meanwhile, an apparently happy PM Modi ‘joined’ their dance sharing his joy looking at the video. The Prime Minister shared the video on his Twitter account, praising the performance and calling it a “lively and adorable team effort”.

In the same post, the embassy stated, “We are happy to share with you the Korean Embassy’s Naatu Naatu dance cover. See the Korean Ambassador Chang Jae-bok along with the embassy staff Naatu Naatu!!”

The video showcases the strong cultural ties between Korea and India, as both countries continue to embrace and celebrate each other’s traditions and art forms. The Korean Ambassador’s dance cover of “Natu Natu” is a unique example of the strong cultural exchange between Korea and India and has received much appreciation from users worldwide.

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