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Police sub-inspector suspended for ‘kicking’ namazis in Delhi’s Inderlok


New Delhi: A sub-inspector of the Delhi Police shoved and kicked a few people offering namaz on a road in north Delhi’s Inderlok area on Friday, leading to a protest by hundreds of locals against the force, which suspended the official with immediate effect.

People from various sections of the society, including political leaders, condemned the act of Sub-Inspector Manoj Kumar Tomar after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

The incident took place during a Friday prayer around 2 pm near the Inderlok metro station. The act of the policeman was captured on camera and the video has since gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, Tomar is seen trying to disperse a few men praying on a road near a mosque and in what seems like a sudden burst of rage, he starts shoving and kicking some of them.

Locals blocked the road and demanded action against Tomar, a police post in-charge, which led to stepping up of security in the area to maintain law and order.

Tension gripped the area for several hours following the incident that took place just a few days ahead of the holy month of Ramzan. Paramilitary personnel have also been deployed in the area.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Central Range) Parmaditya and Additional Commissioner of Police (Eastern Range) Sagar Singh Kalsi also reached the spot to diffuse the situation.

According to locals, some people were offering namaz on a road near the mosque due to a space crunch.

Faraz Khan, a local resident, told reporters that prayer is held inside the mosque every week but on Friday, there were some outsiders who were not aware of the designated place for prayers and thus, started offering namaz on the road.

Another resident said, “We are hurt by the act of the police officer and we want his service to be terminated.” In the evening, namaz was offered inside the mosque amid heavy deployment of police personnel.

Following the incident, the Delhi Police suspended Tomar with immediate effect and said disciplinary action has also been initiated against him.

Later in the day, Parmaditya told PTI that the situation is completely under control. “The deployment of police personnel will continue,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) M K Meena said the roads that were blocked by the locals were subsequently opened for vehicular movement.

He said the protesters called off their agitation after they were shown the suspension order of the sub-inspector.

“The announcements about the action against the officer were made from the local mosque. The locals are with us and they have helped police ensure peace in the area,” the DCP said.

Hours after the incident, Northeast district of Delhi, which witnessed communal riots in 2020, was put under a strict vigil.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northeast) Joy Tirkey said, “We condemn the Inderlok incident. The police personnel have been instructed after the incident. I request everyone to maintain peace and not to believe in rumours.” Several people, including political leaders, expressed anger over the incident on social media.


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