Friday, June 21, 2024

Keep Baby Safe…Doctors during earthquake win hearts


By Ajay S Chauhan: God cannot be everywhere, so he sends Doctors to the earth. This proverb has once again proven correct in the fresh incident that took place in Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir. When the entire hospital was shaken by the earthquake on Tuesday night, doctors who were operating on a pregnant woman, not ran away but they handled the situation very bravely.

Now, this incident is going viral on social media and millions of people are praising doctors to win their hearts.

When strong tremors were felt across North India on Tuesday late at night, some doctors were doing an emergency LSCS (lower segment cesarean section) operation of a lady in the Kashmir hospital. Doctors did not stop the operation and they continued their duties even after the strong tremors.

The district administration has posted a video of the incident that took place inside the OT room. In the post, Chief Medical Officer has expressed special thanks to the hospital team for performing their duties very well. It can be seen in the video how the hospital staff is working amidst the earthquake and everything around is shaking.

A senior doctor who is present inside the operation theatre not only maintained his patience but also kept encouraging the patient. It can be seen in the video how a doctor is asking his junior doctor to keep the baby safe. Everything in the operation theatre is shaking, but the doctors handle patient with full courage. Despite the strong tremors of the earthquake, the doctors did not stop the operation.

Representational image.

After successful operation mother and newborn both are now safe. The incident took place in a sub-district hospital located in Bijbehara area of Anantnag.

This incident won millions of hearts across the country. People are not only praising the doctors fiercely, but a few are also getting emotional after seeing this video on social media.

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