Friday, April 12, 2024

CPM stirring up communalism in the name of Kalotsava food: K. Surendran


Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): BJP state president K. Surendran said that because some people tried to mix communal poison even in the food of the state school art festival, Mohanan Namboothiri had to announce that he would no longer prepare food for the art festival. He said that the CPM leaders themselves created the food controversy to divide the people.

“The leaders of the ruling party created sectarianism and spoiled the colour of the arts festival. Even in the name of food, the CPM leaders and fellow travellers carried out propaganda that stirred up communalism. They should understand that vegetables do not belong to any religion. Even the education minister has endorsed the casteist denigration of the past by the leftists.

People are dying after eating hotel food in the state. The government is not ready to check any of this. It is the government which has not taken any precautions to ensure food security and is causing unnecessary controversy that non-veg should be served at the festival.”- he said.

There is no communalism in the welcome song of the school arts festival. Saying the welcome song is against religion, Minister Muhammad Riaz is targeting communal polarization. The organizing committee belonged to Muhammad Riaz’s party. If there was communalism, why was it not stopped then?

Those who dream of becoming the Chief Minister of Kerala are using communalism as an opportunity. Next to the Left Front is the position of wanting a Muslim Chief Minister. Riaz is the megaphone of the Muslim League,” added Surendran.

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