Saturday, May 25, 2024

Food poisoning again in Kerala after eating Biryani; 27 people in hospital


Thiruvananthapuram: In South Indian state Kerala food poisoning cases again rising by eating Biryani. 27 people who had Biryani food from a hotel in Paravur sought treatment due to food poisoning.

It is reported that those who ate at Majlis Hotel in North Paravur felt discomfort. The hotel has been closed by the municipality pending investigation.

Nine of the victims are college students. They were admitted to Paravur Taluk Hospital with symptoms including vomiting and abdominal pain. On Monday evening, the students said that they had eaten some food from the Majlis Hotel.

After confirming that they had food poisoning, the hospital authorities informed the municipality about this.

The hotel was closed by the Municipal Health Department headed by Health Supervisor R. Binoy. Municipal Chairperson VA Prabhavati said that the Food Safety Department has been informed and officials have gone to the hotel for inspection.

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